What do I need to do to get granite countertops?

Do you know what color you are interested in?
If not a good place to start is a Stone importer. Stone importer's have the "Raw" slabs that we use to "fabricate" your countertops. Below are a couple of local Richmond area importers:
ARC Granite & Marble                  
Marva Marble & Granite

At some point you will probably want to make a visit to one of these importers, it is very difficult to pick out the color from a picture. Also, if you have seen a small sample of a stone please don't assume all the stones of that name will look like that sample. Stone is a natural product and most times vary a great deal from lot to lot. It is usually a good idea to pick 3 or 4 colors.

Do you have a drawing or sketch?
Don't worry about your artist ability. A simple line drawing showing the basic shape, and approximate measurements is all we need. Choose your Edge profile. "Double Eased Edge is our standard edge and is included in the price of the stone. Other edge profiles may increase the price.
Typical Edge Profiles

Choose your sink. We have stainless steel sinks available or we can use a sink provided by you. Contact us for the details.
Now email or fax your color choices, drawing, & contact information to us.
We will email or fax you a quotation for your review.

You've decided to go ahead and get stone for your house.
Call us and set up a time to come to your house do a template. It typically takes 45 minutes.

If you have existing countertops you need to clear everything off of the countertop.

For new cabinets. They need to be completely installed before we can template.

It is also time for some other decisions.
We need the Manufacturer and model number of the faucet.
If you are getting a new cooktop or Range we need the Manufacturer and model number as well.

A 50% deposit is required at this time.

We will call you and set up a day for installation.

The installation typically takes about half a day.
On that day if you have existing countertops we need everything cleared off the top and all of the top drawers removed.

Also, everything must be removed from under the sink and cooktop if there is one.

We will disconnect the plumbing, and electrical.
Ocassionally, when disconnecting the plumbing the shut off valves may not function correctly and will leak.
It is always a good idea to frequently check for leaks until the plumber arrives.
Also, we cannot be responsible if the plumbing (valves or drain pipes) interfere with the new sink.
We can not reconnect plumbing, the plumber must wait until the next day to reconnect the plumbing the adhesive on the sink needs to set up overnight.
When replacing a typical overmount sink with an undermount sink some reconfiguration of the piping may be required.